Friday, November 28, 2008

California CATastrophes

Here's a pernicious little video of one of those special task forces in action - Inside the LAPD - Animal Cruelty Task Force raid takes a look at the case of Ron Mason, which would be ridiculous if it weren't so horrible. This task force was supposedly formed to go after evil stuff like cock-fighting and dog-fighting. Having apparently cleaned up all the real animal cruelty in Greater Los Angeles, these sterling examples of overamped thugs with too much time on their hands raid a guy for having too many cats and feeding them, and harboring kittens on the specific instructions of the authorities, and all kinds of other charges they want us to believe are heinous. Jesus wept.

Here's an overview of the sinister yet farcical proceedings so far, courtesy of Ed Muzika.

Also from Ed's blog, the latest chapter: Ron Mason went to small claims court to try and recover some damages.

Two rants on this waste of taxpayers' money and violation of everybody's rights:
"Animal Hoarding - What the Hell Is That?"
"Cats, Ron Mason, and Human Health"

And here are the illustrious Los Angeles agencies and law enforcement droids in action again, this time against another cat rescuer:
Cat Tribunals


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