Friday, November 28, 2008

Larimer County, Colorado


Virgil Rice
I haven't read up on this one yet but it sounds like another case of business as usual in Larimer County.


Anonymous said...

I feel that there definitely needs to be something done about corruption in our government, because it definitely is there. Too many people in this country are woefully uninformed, even about what goes on in their own country (except when it comes to American Idol and other "'Reality' TV" shows, of course). I do honestly respect the work you put into this blog.

Sadly, this case just doesn't belong in the same category. My heart SANK to actually see a someone out here on the internet lending credibility to their site and the things they are attempting to accomplish through it.

I wish I COULD say that this is just another case of corruption or abuse of power in our government. Then a lot of awful things wouldn't have happened to people that I really care about.

I realize that I am probably coming off as just another person getting on the internet and trying to push their slanted point of view and everything they say as the absolute truth. Just as they are doing on their site. And I realize that there isn't very much at all that I can do here to really prove to you otherwise.

But for what it's worth, at least whatever it possibly can be worth, I am saying outright that I was directly involved in it all. Directly involved, and there, with all of the people and through a very significant portion of the time and the events behind this case.

I say this anonymously here and now, but only because of the site operators' very clear capacity and willingness to put so much sustained effort and expenditure of resources into a completely vicious and dishonest campaign to publicly destroy the lives of people they perceive as enemies or threats.

I hope you'll reconsider their site and see that's what they really want to do. There were very specific targets they focused on. They are attempting to cause as much damage and/or destruction as possible to the lives of these specific, very real people. People that have nothing whatsoever to do with the government or any of the corruption and greed within it. There are specific reasons they're doing it, and specific reasons they're doing it right now.

I hope that you'll remove the link to their site, denying them any additional support or additional traffic. The only thing supporting their site will do is help them try to publicly destroy a few people that have been through enough already. Virgil has used and abused so many people you'd think he had two lifetimes to do it. Right now their only concern is getting their way. Nothing and no one matter to them unless it can get them what they want.

rick petersen said...

It is not a secret that the Criminal Justice System in Larimer County is corrupt. When documents and other evidence of that corruption was filed in court as part of a civil suit every judge in the 8th Judicial District recused themselves from the case. Why?

The same documents were hand delivered to the Larimer County Commissioners, The Coloradoan and Reporter Herald newspapers and the three major Denver tv stations. No story was ever done.

Those very documents had been reviewed by the CBI and they detertmined there was criminal activity and forwarded the materials to a prosecutor they trusted. Nobody was prosecuted.

The FBI and Colorado Attorney General have those documents in their possession at this time. John Suthers has told me that it is his duty to defend law enforcement and judicial employees against allegations of "misconduct", therefore he has no jurisdiction over the issues raised in the materials. When asked to forward the evidence to an agency with jurisdiction Suthers stopped talking.

FBI Supervisory Special Agent Phil Neidringhaus has reviewed the papers and audio recordings that detailed evidence tampering by three Fort Collins private investigators, the efforts of FCPD Lt. Pat Kelly to alter and fabricate police reports, of Chief Judge John-David Sullivan lying, in recorded phone conversations, about investigating the Court’s involvement, and District Attorney Investigator John Davis and Prosecutor Terry Gilmore explaining that the PIs owned the evidence and had the right to alter it. The documents also showed that Terry Gillespi, 1st Assistant Attorney General of the Special Prosecution unit of the Colorado Attorney General’s Office, lied about receiving information about the matter. And former FBI Special Agent Stan Miller and Judith Olsen lied and fabricated information related to their investigation of the PIs as part of the PPIAC’s internal review.

He also listen to recorded phone conversations of former Colorado Senator Dottie Wham’s staffer Sue Miller stating the Senator had lost the information I had sent her and instructing me to sent it to Miller at her home address.

Mr. Neidringhause has closed his eyes. FBI agent David Poole informed me that these were "local officals" and the FBI would not investigate their activities. Larimer County voters had elected them and approved of their behavior. FBI Agent Dale Laiscost bluntly told me "Nobody cares if judges lie. Everyone lies all of the time and those how do not understand that are the ones with the "moral deficit" and as long as he had any control over things he would make sure there was no investigation".

That is infact the problem with Larimer County corruption. Virtually everone who is in a position to something about it lacks the courage and moral character to do so.

And too many innocent people like Tim Masters will continue to have their lives destroyed because "Nobody cares if judges lie".

Anonymous said...

The only thing this case has to do with the Tim Masters case is that it was an extremely convenient event to tie into an excuse constructed after the fact.

Please use your head. I'm just as pissed off as anyone else about corruption in our government. At least consider what you're holding up in your cause, instead of just hearing what you want to hear.

COrose said...

RE: Local FBI Agent "Not My Problem" David Poole

Local officials fraudulently obtaining federal dollars should be his business. His brain
synapsis failed to connect on this one too.
His suggestion to contact the attorney general was useless. As said elsewhere on this site, the AG 's function includes "covering" for government officials.

A group of citizens met for 5 hours with Agent Michael Wonn, Denver FBI Office. The complaints had common threads of government indifference, misuse and abuse of power, corruption and retaliation by law enforcement, judges, and prosecutors. Mr. Wonn's perspective that he worked for us offered encouragement. The result of our efforts dead-ended with his advice to contact the local office. Full circle to Agent "Not My Problem" Poole.