Friday, November 28, 2008

Judge Jolene Blair, Judge Terence Gilmore

Of course, their conduct in the Tim Masters case, when they were deputy district attorneys, should have been enough to trigger, in both of them, the impulse to quit, resign, give it up, pack it in, hang their heads, and slink away in shame for what they have done to the people of Larimer County.

In February 2008, Special Prosecutor Don Quick released his report about how the actions of Blair and Gilmore impacted the Tim Masters case. An explanation of what Quick's team found, along with a much more complete explanation of what should have been found, is here.

Then in September 2008, both of these former prosecutors, now judges, were publicly censured by the regulatory office of the state Supreme Court for failing to act with reasonable diligence in their capacity as lawyers in the Masters case. They avoided hearings by striking a settlement deal. For Gilmore, this was the second time around. He had received a private censure in 1994, because of his failure to disclose vital information to a defense attorney.

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rick petersen said...

Terry Gilmore is unfit to be a Judge. As a Prosecutor he and DA Investigator John Davis examined audio recordings and documents related to evidence tampering by three Fort Collins private investigators. They first determined the PIs were engaged in private business deals and the DA would not get involved. They next decided that PIs were not licensed or regulated by the state, therefore the state had no jurisdiction over them. The final and unanimous decision of the DA's office was the PIs owned the evidence they had collected and were free to alter it before "reselling" it to their clients.

I sent to Colorado Attorney General John Suthers a package of materials that detailed the activities by the private investigators, the efforts of FCPD Lt. Pat Kelly to alter and fabricate police reports, of Chief Judge John-David Sullivan lying, in recorded phone conversations, about investigating the Court’s involvement, and District Attorney Investigator John Davis and Prosecutor Terry Gilmore explaining that the PIs owned the evidence and had the right to alter it. The documents also showed that Terry Gillespi, 1st Assistant Attorney General of the Special Prosecution unit of the Colorado Attorney General’s Office, lied about receiving information about the matter. And former FBI Special Agent Stan Miller and Judith Olsen lied and fabricated information related to their investigation of the PIs as part of the PPIAC’s internal review. Recorded phone conversations of former Colorado Senator Dottie Wham’s staffer Sue Miller stating the Senator had lost the information I had sent her and instructing me to sent it to Miller at her home address.

Also included was an audio recording of a conversation between myself and CBI Agent Richard K. Griffith, who reviewed the same documents, in which Griffith informed me there was criminal activity and he would turn it over to a prosecutor he trusted.

Mr. Suthers informed me that he had a duty to defend law enforcement and judicial employees and that obligation deprived him of any jurisdiction over these issues. When I asked him to forward the materials to the appropriated agency with jurisdiction Suthers stopped communicating

John Suthers holds in his right hand evidence of corruption in the criminal justice system in Larimer County and denies jurisdiction. In his left hand he holds the Tim Masters case which he is reviewing with the intent of another attempt at prosecuting him for murder.

The Justice System in Colorado in the 21st Century is little different from that System in 19th Century Mississippi.

COrose said...

The state judicial review committee is currently soliciting comments re Judge Gilmore's cases. Up for retention in the 2010 election, these formal surveys will be compiled into the "thumbs up or down" guide for voters.

I wonder if they send them to convicts?