Thursday, April 8, 2010

Say It Loud on April 26 - No Blair, No Gilmore!

Please see the Fort Collins Coloradoan for details on your chance to have a say about the retention of judges Blair and Gilmore. Here are the basic facts:
> 8th Judicial District Commission on Judicial Performance will host a public hearing regarding the performance of judges up for retention in the November election.
> 5 p.m. April 26

> Courtroom 3A at the Larimer County Justice Center, 201 LaPorte Ave. in Fort Collins.

> Who can participate? Anyone who has participated in a judge’s courtroom in some official capacity, including as a victim, defendant, juror, witness, etc., can voice their opinions of the judge’s performance orally or in writing.

Yes, you can write a letter if one of these judges has impinged on your rights as a victim, defendant, juror, witness, etc. Do it now!

HELPFUL READING: The Hartman Report on the Special Prosecutors Report
Their less-than-excellent handling of the Tim Masters murder trial.


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