Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Terence Gilmore and Jolene Blair retention hearing, day after

Yesterday's public retention hearing re: Blair and Gilmore

Gilmore could maybe - MAYBE - be forgiven for his part in railroading Masters if he had known nothing of the case, if the cops had brought it to him, "Here's what we got," and he just went on what they told him, and they lied to him.

But that's not how it was. Gilmore actively helped to build the case from Day 1. He conspired with fanatically obsessed cop Broderick, and that joke of a forensic psychologist Reid Meloy. They met, had phone conferences, kept each other updated with letters, and plotted --  not how to solve the Hettrick murder, but how to nail Tim Masters.

 All you need to know about Jolene Blair is her abysmally stupid closing argument as prosecutor at the Masters trial.

“No one in the world could have committed this homicide in this way, in this location, but Tim Masters.”

No one in the world? Except somebody Peggy Hettrick met at one of the several bars she visited that night. Except some random stranger traveling down College Avenue, aka US 287. Except the pervert eye doctor who lived across from where Peggy's body was found, who secretly videotaped women using the toilet in his guest bathroom. Except Donald Long, who confessed to two other murders of women around that time, and who was supposedly eliminated as a Hettrick suspect, except that to this very day, nobody can explain or document why he was eliminated. Except the boyfriend who was bored with Peggy and trying like hell to shake her off.

“No one in the world could have committed this homicide in this way, in this location, but Tim Masters.”

Except, he didn't.

"I think one of the problems in this country is that too many people are screwing things up, committing crimes and then getting on with their lives. What is really needed for public officials who shame themselves is ritual suicide. Hara-kiri. Like those Japanese business executives who mismanage corporations into bankruptcy. Never mind the lawyers and the public relations and the press conferences, get that big knife out of the kitchen drawer and do the right thing." 
George Carlin

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