Thursday, June 3, 2010

Gregg Leverett - June 2, 2010

Hello Everyone,

This group has been active for some time now. I know that the immediate goal is to have judges removed. I would like to encourage others to start expressing ideas about what this group can do in the future. As Judicial Justice/Reform is the goal, that means that talking about other problems or areas of concern should not be put on hold until after the current elections. As discussion about other ideas and topics, like the role of the DA's, County Attorneys, Larimer County Board Members, Larimer County Manager, private attorney's, and others. The reason that I would encourage this kind of debate on this forum is that they are all tied together. Ideas/solutions that come from other problems can cross into future and current topics of concern. Some of the reasons that I feel more should be done about this are;

1. Most of the people that are the problem with the current situation in Larimer County are public officials, and as such work for the public, and must hear what the public has to say about their job performance.

2. As this group starts showing these officials that the group has an agenda that goes beyond the upcoming election, they may then take more action about what is being debated here with more concern.

3. As this debate extends to other areas, it should cause more people to become involved. As the problem extends into all areas of the court system, and judicial system in Larimer County, this group should not limit the debate to just the retention of judges. These other problems, should be part of the current planning for after the election for the retention of judges, that I feel are part of the system and the problem. As an example, I for one have to question the federal grants that are coming into Larimer County that support/pay for many of the decisions made by judges.

4. I would like to see something that places one person from the courts, DA's Office, County Attorneys, etc. into the spot light each month. Kind of a "Wall of Shame", type of thing. I think this would increase members, and show that we are going after any type of injustice in Larimer County.

These are some of my ideas, and I would like to see this group become successful at making the changes that need to be done not only in Larimer County but the State as well. I for one do not care if anything I provide/write is used by any other member. If you have questions about that please contact Darrin and Rosemary. I would like to show the courts in Larimer County that the problems extend past just the retention of judges, but that the legal system in Larimer County is having a negative impact on the lives many citizens of Larimer County.

Gregg Leverett

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