Thursday, June 3, 2010

Gregg Leverett - May 31, 2010

Hey Everyone,

I would like to comment on the attachment "Feb 10 2010 LC BOCC Settlement". I found it interesting, that the comments from the lawyers representing Blair and Gilmore said they could have won the case.

In the early 80's my father sued the town I grew up in. This was over some zoning and building permit issues. I had people that I went to high school with tell me that we should not sue the town, and give up on the lawsuit. The town attorney told the Board that he could win the case, the insurance company advised the town not to pursue the case.

It went to federal court, and my parents won the case. As the insurance company had advised the Board not persue the case, the insure company did not have to pay the settlement. So, my parents received a check from the town, the check could not clear the bank".

The point is not so much settling a case, or pursuing a case. The point is that these types of cases should never be advanced to the point that courts need to become involved. If the LC BOCC was truly looking out for the welfare of the citizens of Larimer County, then these types of cases would never happen. If the LC BOCC would take a more active role in who is allowed to become judges, and would exercise more control of what these judges are doing. Then these types of cases could be avoided. It is not the judges who have to pay for these lawsuits, it is the citizens, and as such, this falls under the control of the LC BOCC, performing their duty of fiduciary responsibility.

I feel that this lack of looking after the welfare of citizens of Larimer County, extends to DHS and child welfare in Larimer County, and the current LC BOCC is willing to place children in danger in order to protect the flow of State and Federal grant funds to be used for purposes other than intended in Larimer County.

From a recent article in the Coloradoan, "Larimer County braces for budget cuts", by "BY KEVIN DUGGAN . MAY 11, 2010". The reporter wrote the following quote from Sheriff Jim Alderden;

"Sheriff Jim Alderden suggested the county should look into whether reserves held by the human services department, which gets most of its funding from state and federal sources, could be used as the matching funds required of the county to free up money for other departments."

I have to ask as DHS employees at both the county and state level spent two days telling the Senate Committee that they need more funding. I have to ask why would Sheriff of Larimer County suggest that funds used to assist the needy and children should be diverted to help make up fiscal shortfalls of the County. I think that these funds should be used for their intended purpose. the question then becomes are these funds being diverted currently, in the past, and is this not some form of fraud being used in the current financial funding of Larimer County?

That is my thoughts, and hope to hear feed back, both positive and negative.


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